There are a lot of ways of getting rid of carpet molds. The method will depend on your likings. To help you decide, below is a list of the different ways of removing molds out of your carpet safely. Santa Maria carpet cleaning can definitely help you in terms of cleaning your carpets thoroughly without any hassle. But, if you want to do this endeavor yourself, check out the items below so that you can think about it:

Have a proper ventilation

The first thing to do is to give sufficient ventilation to a room that’s susceptible to mold. No matter what temperature is present, air circulation would aid in eliminating the dampness of the area from the air and minimize the risk of the possible health issues you can get once you’re exposed to mold.

Utilize natural products as much as you can

A lot of homeowners love the notion of utilizing natural products as a way to remove carpet mold. Preventing from using unknown and harsh chemicals provide property owners a sense of ease and confidence regarding the environment’s safety while simultaneously minimizing the problem of carpet molds.

Vinegar is one of the natural cleaning solutions to remove stains due to molds and the smell of mold within your property as well. Apply this cleaning solution using a spray bottle and rub it down all over the carpet with a brush. Place a fan on the massaged area for it to dry well.

Utilize commercial products

In managing mold problems, commercial products could actually be very beneficial. Anti-fungal carpet sprays, cleaning solutions and more could be bought in any supermarket or homes department stores near you.

Though most of them are effective in combat molds, you still have to be careful upon choosing a product that you will be using on your carpet since others might provide negative effects on your carpet’s look. For instance, chlorine dioxide might be great to get rid of the development of molds in carpets. However, it might result in carpets to excessively fade over time.

Things to do if you have a severe carpet molds

If you have already tried all the options above but you think that the damage of the mold on your carpet is way beyond the point of being treated, now must be time to think about totally changing your carpet and place a new one. If you think that this is the reason why your carpet became damaged, you must reach out to the flooring experts near you so that you can talk about the chances of re-carpeting your floor.

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