There are a lot of individuals out there who believe that cleaning carpets are the same as cleaning rugs. Most people think that they’ll only have to use a vacuum to clean their rugs or carpets. However, this incorrect belief about cleaning the rug can lead to ruining the rug.

Rugs are a bit different from carpets. They need special cleaning. Here are several reasons.

The Right Cleaning of Area Rugs

The right area rug cleaning methods should be done by experts. That’s why you have to ensure you are hiring a reliable Downey carpet cleaning and rug cleaning company if your rugs are in need of a good cleaning.

The Right Training

There are a lot of various kinds of rugs out there. Every type of rug needs special care. It is very crucial that you do not simply rely on anyone to clean your expensive area rugs since they are a costly investment.

You have to ensure you hire someone who is properly knowledgeable and has the experience, training, and background required to offer your rugs with the right care.

Antiquing or Tea Wash

Antiquing is another dye problem that you have to be cautious of. For those who don’t know, antiquing is a process completed by the importer or manufacturer to make a rug look more expensive and older. It is common in several kinds of area rugs. However, you can’t usually find this in carpets. Typically, antiquing is a post-treatment of tea dying or a layer of extremely aggressive acidic wash. During the cleaning process, this dye could wash away. A professional can reapply the layer after cleaning if that does occur.


Almost every carpet has one color. Typically, it is not an issue if the carpet has color bleeding. But, color bleeding could completely damage a rug by muddying the design in area rugs with sophisticated patterns. Because of that, it’s very vital to utilize the right methods and solutions to clean your area rug. This will help avoid color fading and bleeding from occurring. A regular carpet cleaning often simply won’t do.

Removal of Dry Soil

For those who don’t know, a rug is made with a pile that’s denser. Because of that, every single fiber is closer together compared to a regular carpet. Soil and dirty has a tendency to get trapped near the rug’s base. Typically, a vacuum cleaner cannot always reach it. To release the dirt that’s trapped, several individuals beat their rugs outside. However, calling an expert rug cleaner is a much simpler method.


For those who don’t know, the ornamental border of rugs that contain hanging and lose tassels is called the fringe. It does not exist on carpets. However, it is pretty common on rugs. The fringe can be damaged by a vacuum since it is fragile. In order to preserve the fringe, an area rug with fringe will require unique treatment. If you’ve got this type of rug, it is best to contact a professional to clean it.